Road to/from Barracks at Chu Lai

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Photo's courtesy of Thomas Dawson AE2 VW-1 67-69 TE-9.... Unless noted otherwise.
These are pictures, taken at various times, of the long trip between the barracks and the flight line at Chu Lai.
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VW-1 Operations at Chu Lai NASU Chu-Lai circa 1968 - 70 Chu-Lai circa 1968
Chu-Lai circa 1967 Chu-Lai aerial views. circa 1968 Chu-Lai page 8. circa 1968
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td_ride_barracks_chulai_r1.jpg. td_bombs_road_to_the_barracks_r1.jpg. td_filling_sand_bags_r1.jpg. td_down_by_the_river_r1.jpg.
1st picture from left: I just hung off the side of the 6x6 hauling us back to the air base and got this picture.

2nd picture from left: Often seen scene at Chu Lai when going between the VW-1 flight line and the barracks. Lots of bombs piled up, waiting to be delivered. 7/68

3rd picture from left: If you look closely at the center of the enlarged picture you can see "locals" filling sand bags

4th picture from left: We would drive close to the dock area where some of Chu Lai air base supplies would come in. The Navy patrol boats also operated from here.
dt_chulai_base_entrance_r1.jpg. dt_3ec121_chuLai_r1.jpg. td_ride_barracks_chulai1_r1.jpg. td_bunker_r1.jpg.
1st picture from left: Chu Lai base entrance was here, we stayed away from the airbase, don't know exactly where but we were taken there in a 6x6.

2nd picture from left: TE-00 parked at the end of Chu Lai's runway with two of VW-1's EC121's nearby. TE-00 was usually kept quite busy flying in people, spare parts and engines to Chu Lai. circa 9/68

3rd picture from left: A Huey helicopter either coming in for a landing or taking off... I've forgotten, they were a frequent sight at Chu Lai.

4th picture from left: There were several bunkers along the road to the barracks, I guess they were there to protect against an assault on the base.
td_road_to_barracks_r1.jpg. td_river_boats_r1.jpg. td_uso_beach_1_r1.jpg. td_road_to_barracks_r1.jpg.
1st picture from left: These are some more of the sights we'd see from the back of our 6x6 on the way to the barracks.

3rd picture from left: Navy patrol boats at the docks.

3rd and 4th picture from left: On the road back and forth from the barracks we would pass the USO beaches.
td_helicopter_base3_r1.jpg. td_bunkers_near_barracks_r1.jpg. td_helicopter_base4_r1.jpg. td_helicopter_base_r1.jpg.
On one of our trips to the VW-1 barracks I got these 4 pictures of the operations area for the helicopters that flew from Chu Lai. Circa 7/68.
td_mascot_at_chulai_r1.jpg. td_sampans_going_out_to fish_r1.jpg. td_sunset_at_the_barracks_r1.jpg. td_chulai_sunset_at_the_barracks_r1.jpg.
1st picture from left: The dog was our mascot. I don't know the guy's name, or the dog's name either. Maybe somebody will remember and send us the names. circa 4/68

2nd picture from left: In the morning the sampans would go out fishing, they had one cylinder motors that just chugged along. I can still hear them in my mind. They would come back in mid-day. If they went out in the evening before dark, you knew that there was going to be an attack that night. circa 7/698

3rd picture from left: This is a sunset behind the barracks, between the barracks and the water were the bunkers that we would have to get into during an attack.

4th picture from left: Another sunset seen from behind the barracks. circa 2/68
td_bunkers_near_barracks_r1.jpg. td_chulai_barracks_r1.jpg. td_ag2_gilbert_gay_r1.jpg. td_overton_reilly_playing_cards_r1.jpg.
1st. picture from left: Another picture of the bunkers near the VW-1 barracks. circa 7/68

2nd picture from left: The Vietnamese didn't like their photos taken as they believed their souls would go into the black box, (cameras). circa 7/68. Once back in our barracks we would spend some of our time as shown next.

3rd picture from left: AG2 Gilbert Gay, we used to play guitar to pass time, songs like "sitting on the dock of the bay". circa 6/69

4th picture from left: Ralph Overton (facing the camera), Joe Reilly (curly hair and side shot) playing cards in the barracks. Can't remember the name of the other guy.
td_ambulance_r1.jpg. td_barbed_wire_by_bunkers_r1.jpg.
1st picture from left: Just an ambulance on a gedunk run... no emergency this time. circa 1/69

2nd picture from left: The third photo is barbed wire around the perimeter of the bunkers. They were lit up at night. Driving by these at night would leave you feeling uneasy. circa 7/68
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VW-1 Operations at Chu Lai NASU Chu-Lai circa 1968 - 70 Chu-Lai circa 1968
Chu-Lai circa 1967 Chu-Lai aerial views. circa 1968 Chu-Lai page 8. circa 1968
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