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Copy of this 20 page article from the scrap book of Lyle Fisher VW-1 1961 - 1963.
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COMNAVMARIANAS        November 30, 1962


crossroads_11_30_62_p2_1z.jpg RADM JOHN S. COYE JR,. ComNavMarianas (center), meets with the commanding officers of all commands on Guam to map out strategy for the reconstruction of the island. These meeting are held every afternoon in the Headquarters Building to keep everyone informed on the situation on a daily basis. In the background, a chart showing Karen's path over the island is visible.
(ComNavMar Photo)
Crossroads 11/30/62 Typhoon Karen page 2 CNO TYPHOON STUDY Group headed by RADM George W. Pressey attended a command briefing Saturday in the ComNavMarianas Headquarters Building. The group is here to determine what action and construction will be necessary to restore the Naval Facilities here after the destructive force of Typhoon Karen struck November 11.
(ComNavMar Photo)

The Naval Hospital Guam, did its share during the nightmare that was Typhoon Karen. On being notified that Typhoon Condition II had been set, the Typhoon Readiness Program was initiated. Key personnel reported to the hospital and preparations were made to receive casualties and people seeking shelter.

Despite heavy damage during the typhoon 350 emergency cases were seen by doctors at the hospital. A thousand people were sheltered, fed, and given cots and blankets. All women in the ninth month of pregnancy were moved into the Hospital prior to the typhoon. With the severe damage to Guam Memorial Hospital, the only other hospital on Guam, 95 per cent of their patients were transferred to the Naval Hospital, which now provides all inpatient care for the entire island of 70,000.


Commander Naval Forces

LCDR Joseph J. Gorski

Jim Livsey, JO1
Editorial Adviser

Phill Upton JO2
News Editor

Bill Slullivan. JO2
Staff Reporter

Mrs. Martha Floro

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Crossroads KAREN'S damage to one of Naval Hospital's wards KAREN'S damage to one of the Naval Hospital's was such that doctors, nurses and corpsmen worked even harder to to see that patients were evacuated to safer rooms in anticipation of the storm.
(NavHosp Photo)

Emergency water supplies were provided for various adjacent areas of the community from the Hospital's protected water reservoir. As part of the Navy's preventive medicine program 30,000 typhoid inoculations were given in three days through cooperation of personnel from PMU-6 from Hawaii, corpsmen from the airlifted Marine Battalion and the island's public health treatment centers. All of this had been done by personnel who went almost without sleep for the three days.

There were many acts of individual courage and heroism.


The NavMar Credit Union has moved to a new location in the PWC Administrative Area Building 104.

All records are undamaged, and business is as usual. The office is now open from 0930 to 1730 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The attitude of the staff of the Hospital is well summed up by LT Harold J. Janson who, when asked how things had gone, replied, "We didn't do anything except our job."